Our Team

Senior Pastor

Joseph (Pastor Joe) Childers serves as the founder and senior pastor. His passion is to see people come to know Christ as Saviour, to walk daily with Him, and be obedient to God, no matter what the cost. He loves to have fun, as seen by his background in baseball. Upon coming to Grenada, he learned to play cricket (not well!) Despite a fun-loving and competitive nature, he is very serious about the Word of God. He has a special love for the youth and children, and has a desire to teach them to reach the next generation for Christ. He has college degrees in church ministries, counseling, and religious education.

First Lady

Sister Donna Childers is the “first lady.” While this is not a Biblical phrase, it is a term of honour and respect. She is the helpmeet to her husband of more than 12 years in almost every aspect of ministry, while juggling a busy life with three young children! She was born and raised in Grenville before going to America. She works extensively with the youth and the ladies within the church, and oversees the music and food box ministries. She taught in Christian schools for 5 years, and has a desire that every young person receive a good Biblical education. She also is the substitute teacher for LBCA. Sister Donna and Pastor Joe have three children: Brielle, Ryan, and Noelle.

Children’s Ministry

Sister Coco Chan–oversees the children’s ministries and Bible Clubs, and teaches Bible in several schools in St. Andrews. She serves as the treasurer for the church. Sister Coco is also a teacher in LBCA. She oversees other ministries when Sister Donna is not available.

Youth girls

Sister Joy Childers–serves as the youth girls’ Sunday School class teacher, and teaches in LBCA.

Youth men

Brother Roland (Musche) Rennie–leads singing and prayer meetings; teaches youth men Sunday School Class; also leads services anytime Pastor Joe is not available. 

Bus ministry

Brother Shondell Rubin–leads singing and oversees the building maintenance, along with maintenance on the church bus. He also serves as the bus driver for the church.



Sister Gale Lalgie is the assistant treasurer, and assists in fund-raising efforts, along with Sister Eslyn Rennie. She heads up our cleaning department. Sister Gale, a mother of 8, also leads most of the ladies’ prayer times.


A lifeline to our community

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