About Us

About us

Lifeline Baptist Christian Academy (LBCA) began in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in 2021. It began as a Primary school for Kindergarten through grade 3. In 2022, the school added a Pre-Primary School for ages 3 and 4, and Grade 4. In 2023, LBCA plans to also add a Grade 5-6 classroom.

LBCA uses the Abeka Curriculum, which is an excellent programme to teach Numeracy, Literacy, and Reading to children. We use both traditional and hands-on teaching methods.

LBCA exists to educate children from a Biblical worldview. Our 5 core subjects are Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Social Studies, and Bible. Each of these is taught Scripturally, as we endeavour to teach our children to do well academically, but also concentrate on their spiritual well-being.

A lifeline to our community

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