Unfortunately, quality education can be expensive! However, it is an investment in the future of your child. At LBCA, we do all we can to minimise the cost to the parent. Some steps we have taken include:

(1) One of our teachers and the principal are unpaid volunteers;
(2) A sponsorship programme, where other churches and individuals pay down part of the cost of your child’s education, allowing us to offer more reasonable rates (the same cost as most pre-primary schools in St. Andrews);
(3) Our teachers are all involved in independent Baptist churches and take a reduced salary in order to have the privilege of ministering to your children; and
(4) Lifeline Independent Baptist Church has taken on the responsibility of payments for utilities (current and water), plus assists in construction costs and fundraising.

Our fees are:

Registration: $60 (one-time fee)
Book fee: $300 per year ($100 per term)
Monthly tuition fee: $160 per month, from September through July

Discounts are available for multiple children enrolled. There is a 25% discount for the second child, and a 50% discount from 3+ children from the same household.
All prices are in EC$ unless otherwise stated.

A lifeline to our community

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