Lifeline Baptist Bible Institute

Lifeline Baptist Bible Institute (LBBI) began in 2019 with 4 men attending. It has since opened its doors to women as well.  The Bible Institute meets for 10 to 12 weeks at a time, one evening per week. Most terms, we have done this on a Thursday night. Each year, we endeavour to teach at least two courses, although this is dependent also upon interest and other factors. There is no cost for any programme within the Bible Institute at present.
LBBI is run like a college classroom, and it is expected that the students will put in the necessary work to learn and excel in the subject matters taught. It is open to any youth or adult that is willing to commit to come consistently for that class period. For “older” folks, we also allow “auditing” of the courses, where they can sit in and learn what they can, but without the pressure of the weekly tests and quizzes, and other outside requirements.
All Bible courses are taught out of the King James Bible. Other courses are taught using a combination of an adaptation from a single book and the King James Bible.

To date, our classes have been:
Biblical Leadership I and II (Moses on Management) (2019/2020)
Bible Doctrines I (King James Bible) (2020)
Biblical Discipline (Disciplines of a Godly Man) (2021)
Old Testament Survey (King James Bible) (2022)

A lifeline to our community

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